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Artículos Publicados

Caicedo , Xavier; Metcalfe, George; Tuyt, Olim; Rodríguez, R.; One-variable fragments of intermediate logics over linear frames INFORMATION AND COMPUTATION (2021)

Caicedo , Xavier; Campercholi, M.; Kearnes, K. A.; Sánchez Terraf, P.; Szendrei, Á.; Vaggione, D.; Every minimal dual discriminator variety is minimal as a quasivariety ALGEBRA UNIVERSALIS (2021)

Caicedo , Xavier; Mantilla, Guillermo ; On a characterization of path connected topological fields JOURNAL OF PURE AND APPLIED ALGEBRA, Vol. 223 (2019) 5279-5284.

Caicedo , Xavier; Metcalfe, George; Rodriguez, Ricardo; Tuyt, Olim; The One-Variable Fragment of Corsi Logic LECTURE NOTES IN COMPUTER SCIENCE, Vol. 11541 (2019) 70-82.

Caicedo , Xavier; Metcalfe, George; Rodriguez, Ricardo; Rogger, Jonas; Decidability of order based modal logics JOURNAL OF COMPUTER AND SYSTEM SCIENCES, Vol. 88 (2017) 53-74.

Caicedo , Xavier; Maximality of continuous logic In BEYOND FIRST ORDER MODEL THEORY, Taylor and Francis (2017) 107-134.

Caicedo , Xavier; Pinzón, Santiago; On Inverse Limits of Compact Structures SOUTH AMERICAN JOURNAL OF LOGIC 2, Vol. 2 (2016) 175-180.

Caicedo , Xavier; Lindström´s theorem for positive logics, a topological view. In LOGIC WITHOUT BORDERS. Ontos Mathematical Logic 5, Walter de Gruyter (2015) 73-90.

Caicedo , Xavier; Iovino, Jose; Omitting uncountable types and the strength of [0,1]-valued logics ANNALS OF PURE AND APPLIED LOGIC, Vol. 165 (2014) 1169-1200.

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Caicedo , Xavier; Rodriguez, Ricardo O.; Bi-modal Gödel logic over [0,1]-valued Kripke frames JOURNAL OF LOGIC AND COMPUTATION, Vol. 25, no. 1 (2015) 37-55.

Caicedo , Xavier; Rodriguez, Ricardo O.; Standard Gödel modal logics STUDIA LOGICA, Vol. 94, no. 2 (2010) 189-214.

Caicedo , Xavier; Dechesne, Francien; Janssen, Theo M. V.; Equivalence and quantifier rules for logic with imperfect in information LOGIC JOURNAL OF THE IGPL, Vol. 17, no. 1 (2009) 91-129.

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Caicedo , Xavier; Implicit Connectives of Algebraizable Logics STUDIA LOGICA, Vol. 78, no. 8 (2004) 170-255.

Caicedo , Xavier; Definability and Automorphisms in Abstract Logics ARCHIVE FOR MATHEMATICAL LOGIC, Vol. 43 (2004) 937-945.

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Caicedo , Xavier; The Abstract Compactness Theorem Revisited. In LOGIC AND FOUNDATIONS OF MATHEMATICS SYNTHESE LIBRARY, Vol. 280 (1999) 131-141.

Caicedo , Xavier; Roselló, C; Bartol, w; Syntactical content of finite approximations of partial algebras. In ROUGH SETS AND CURRENT TRENDS IN COMPUTING LECTURE NOTES IN COMPUTER SCIENCE, Vol. LINAI 1424 (1998) 408-515.

Caicedo , Xavier; El teorema de Tichonoff para formas débiles de compacidad (Tikhonov´s theorem for weak forms of compactness) BOLETÍN DE MATEMÁTICAS, Vol. 5 (1998) 1-13.

Caicedo , Xavier; Subdirect decomposition of n-chromatic graphs JOURNAL OF ALGEBRAIC COMBINATORICS, Vol. 8, no. 2 (1998) 157-168.

Caicedo , Xavier; Conectivos Sobre Espacios Topológicos REVISTA DE LA ACADEMIA COLOMBIANA DE CIENCIAS EXACTAS, FISICAS Y NATURALES, Vol. 21, no. 81 (1997) 521-534.

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Caicedo , Xavier; Walter, Burgess; Congruences in regular categories REVISTA COLOMBIANA DE MATEMÁTICAS , Vol. 15 (1981) 43-64.

Caicedo , Xavier; On extensions of L_ww(Q_1) NOTRE DAME JOURNAL OF FORMAL LOGIC, Vol. 22 (1981) 85-93.

Caicedo , Xavier; Matemáticas sin el axioma de escogencia MATEMATICAS ENSEÑANZA UNIVERSITARIA, Vol. 16 (1980) 3-22.

Caicedo , Xavier; Back-and-forth systems for arbitrary quantifiers. In MATHEMATICAL LOGIC IN LATIN AMERICA STUDIES IN LOGIC AND THE FOUNDATION OF MATHEMATICS, Vol. 99 (1980) 83-102.

Caicedo , Xavier; A formal system for the non theorems of the propositional calculus NOTRE DAME JOURNAL OF FORMAL LOGIC, Vol. 19 (1978) 147-151.

Caicedo , Xavier;


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