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    Phenomenological Aspects of Leptons and Quarks:
  • Quantum numbers (baryon number, lepton-family numbers) and their tests.
  • Chiral states and selection rules.
  • Mass sectors for quarks and leptons in the standard model: The reconstruction problem.
  • Mixing matrices of weak states of quarks and leptons: Phenomenology and relation to the mixing matrices.
    The Standard Model of Electroweak and Strong Interactions:
  • The geometry of non-abelian gauge theories: Differential-geometric foundations.
  • Anomalies, BRST-Symmetry and their consequences.
  • Spontaneous symmetry breaking and the Higgs sector: Phenomenology and alternatives to the classical Higgs mechanism.
  • Extensions of the standard model: Noncommutative geometry.
  • Gravitation and the standard model: Similarities and differences.
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