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Aim of the School

This school is the sixth of a series of summer schools to take place in Colombia. We are celebrating their 10th anniversary since they have taken place every other year since July 1999. The topics of these schools lie on the border line between geometry, topology and quantum field theory and they offer courses addressed to both physicists and mathematicians with a master’s level in either of the fields.

The school will be three weeks long, during which the lecturers (leaders in their own areas) will give both mini-courses and specialized talks on their fields of expertise for students at the masters and PhD levels. The length of each course will range from 5 hours to 7 hours and they will serve as introductions to active areas of research these days. Moreover, notes of each course will be provided by the lecturers, and these, in due time, will be published.

The lecture notes will be posted on the school's web site and then published in a volume of proceedings as were the lectures given at the past schools. There will be the opportunity for participants to present their research which may, eventually, be considered for publication in the proceedings prior the approval of a referee. Also, there will be poster sessions where students will be able to present their masters work or their partial results on their Ph. D. work.

Last but not least, due to the fact that the village of Villa de Leyva is small enough, there has been plenty of scientific interaction between professors and participants in the past. We expect the same to happen in this forthcoming opportunity.  

Deadline for preregistration: February 27th 2009

Deadline for registration: April 17th 2009

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