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Topics and Schedule




1. Conformal Field Theory and Gravitation

        S. Theisen (Potsdam), J. Zanelli (Valdivia).

2. Interplay between Noncommutative Geometry and Physics

J. Bellissard (Toulouse), M. Benameur (Lyon), J. Varilly (San José).

3. Dirac Operators on Loop Spaces and Geometric Quantization

T. Wurzbacher (Strasbourg), S. Gutt (Metz).

4. Topological Quantum Field Theory

C. Blanchet (Nantes), M. Mariño (Yale).



Each week will be dedicated to certain aspects of the above mentioned topics. The methodology will consist of a series of morning courses, each one lasting between 4 to 8 hours, with 1:30 hours per session, and problem solving sessions in the afternoon. This will give the participants the opportunity to try out some of the techniques presented in the courses.

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